Wednesday, February 16, 2011


IS SO HOT!!!! not an ounce of fat on her!!

also amazing dancer mesmerising .

On a side notw, she was in Brisbane less that a month ago and who met her .. yep me ! so hot

Monday, February 14, 2011

We love our bread
We love our butter
But most of all
We love each other

V day

spent this day valentines (vomit) day firstly at training then went to the movies with the gals and then the afternoon at nuala and sorchas chilling.
nuala has diecided she wants a pet chicken. this will not last.
that is all oxoxoxox

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

ok so week two and a monday morning, today at boot camp we did boxing, and can i just take this time to say i think i may hav found my calling, i mean watch out ALI hahah jiva is here! it was a fun morning (5:30am)!!
my friend kimmy tran SEE BELOW was ment to come to ttrainning thismorning too but she slept in past her alarm haha aww kimmy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


ok so this morning i had a bootcamp session i can honestly say that other that getting up to catch a flight i have never gotten up at 5:30 am before in my life! usually this is the time i am coming home from being out on the town getting wild. But as previously mentioned 2011 is HEALTH year so its bootcamp every Monday and Wednesday morning from now on. this is all of course in efforts to make my skinny dream come true.

Sessions start at 6:15 and oh my lord for 1 hour i thought i was on the verge of death no joke, i feel great now but at the time DEATH was a very real issue. My body is sore after its first real workout in..... well life and i can tell that tomorrow i will be in even more pain.

Boot camp made me its bitch this morning but i am confident that i will concur it and soon it will be my bitch :)