Wednesday, July 14, 2010

its so cold

holy crap its freezing. i Live in springfield lakes and its beyone freezing. Just had my lovley dinner which consisted of a chop, carrots, mash potato and broccoli YUM! Then watched some show on 7, then washed up. It was at this stage that i relised SHIT its cold.

About to go up to my room and get ready for UBER! owwww chhha chhheee

Monday, July 12, 2010


sierra feels left out

sierra just said
" the fucking cherry on the fucking cake i dont have...or ice-cream"
She is in the kitchen at her house making a grilled cheese samwhich which she burnt. not very happy at all.
She is a little upset with liz and i as we had dinner and left her out of our meal plans. Dear sisi we are sorry but at least your not getting fat like us.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

MY Husband

Ok so i am a little no this is a lie im TOTALY in love with israle folau. He is a NRL player from brisbane and plays for the Brisbane Broncos. Any hooo when i see him out in clubs and such i actually nearly pass out.

We are actually seeing eachother (im my mind) infact were married. Anyway we are very much so on the rocks at this current time due to the fact that i have caught him cheating on me twice!!!!

Izzy this is unacceptable. So last night at normanby i see my husband and what is he doing! kissing some trashy whore!

But yes i am slightly obesssed with Izzy. We will try and work through this rough patch but im not sure if our relationship is strong enough to survive this. We will be seeing a marriage counselor. I shall keen you all updated on this.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A face to my Name

This is me. Totaly rocking that "kardashian" hair!

I am who i am

life is a zoo in a jungle and im the lion baby!

Another one of my shining moments. Drinking prehaps a little too much before town one night. This ended with my friends dropping me back to my mums hotel where she, my mum looked after her drunk and disorderly daughter.

i dont even like tennis

For some unknown reason its 2:23am and im still awake...barely. Im sitting on the couch watching the tennis of all things!
Dont get me wrong there amazing athletes and all but i have NO intrest in tennis. If it were NRL i could understand but umm yeah nah.
just thinking about what im goingto do tomorrow. Ment to meeting up with a friend(male) but am still deciding weather or not its a good idea. At this rate there is no way that ill actually be able to get out of bed.
just thought you might like to know this. That is all.

where is starts

It was today, at a little coffee shop in West end Brisbane that i decided to start a blog. Sitting with a group of 6 girl friends we started chatting about blogging. Two of my friends Lauren and Kobi are in the fashion and marketing industry and have blogs of their own, along with this and recently watching "Julie and Julia" i felt inspired to join the blogging world. On this blog i will write about the good the great and the fails in my life. The parts i love and the parts i hate, fashion, music, love and the a-mazing life that is just Jiva.

I am a almost 21 years old, single girl. I’m in my 3rd year of uni studying Education (primary). I am the only child of my mum Jenny who has been affectionately names JenJen by my closest friends. My mother is my world and I see her as my role model. I know that sounds so corny and sappy but its true.

THEN there’s my friend’s holy shit I love my friends. I’m a very social person and have so many great value friends. I LOVE MY BITCHES they are all so hot, i think i must attract really good-looking people. We all have amazing style and are brulty honest with eachother. If someone puts an outfit together and its Shocking they will be told of this. We are vert honest and share everything.

Nuala – 'Cuteit pie, bestie and cuddle monster'

Sorcha – 'Risky, daring loyal and bueaty'

Jesse – 'Fairy, loving. miss wong and I enjoy childish films'

Lauren – 'Strong, smart and my blogging inspirer'

Sierra –'huge vocab, sex kitten. guideance'

Liz – 'a nicer me. bueatiful. funny and loud'

Tanja – 'model. double sided, fun'

Kimmy tran – 'Tila, crazy, wild - no added chemicals'

Eva – 'tattoo queen. hot. sweet"

Kali - 'Kind, curly. Beyonce'